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Disaster response and recovery

Let?s help people get back on their feet after a disaster

I?m fundraising for Red Cross to ensure they can be there for people when the worst happens. Dealing with an emergency can be stressful and exhausting and recovering from a disaster is a complex process that may take months, even years to overcome. Red Cross supports people through their recovery by being there to provide practical and emotional support and information.

Helping people who have been affected by disasters is really important to me and I?d love your support. Please help me by donating to my fundraising page.


Bushfire Relief Appeal

Australia is reeling as firefighters battle relentless blazes around the nation.?

Stories of devastation are emerging around Australia as the country burns.

The scale of the crisis is hard to comprehend. The wildfires have so far burned more than 12 million acres, they have killed at least 24 people, and nearly 2000 homes have been destroyed.

In New South Wales alone, the fires have killed nearly 500 million birds, reptiles and mammals.

Here?s what you can do to help those affected by the devastation:


Your Small donation to?Bushfire Relief Appeal can help a lot!?


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