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Disaster relief and recovery

Let?s help people get back on their feet

Our communities are our homes. We have been shocked and saddened by the devastation and loss of life caused by the horrendous bushfires which continue to threaten many regions and communities across Australia.

In the first instance, our parent company BlueScope has donated $1 million to the Red Cross bushfire relief appeal. Through the Red Cross we will also offer all employees the opportunity to make a donation to this fund. In addition, as the nation recovers we plan to work with aid agencies and other relevant authorities to see how our Australian businesses can best help rebuild communities as they recover from this disaster. In some cases, it may be many months before communities are ready for this support.

You can help too by donating to the Red Cross via our link to the Red Cross fundraising page. All money raised goes straight to Red Cross to help affected communities with disaster relief. ?

Dealing with an emergency can be stressful and exhausting and recovering from a disaster is a complex process that may take months, even years to overcome. Red Cross supports people through their recovery by being there to provide practical and emotional support and information.

Our business is also a supporter of the National Centre for Farmer Health and we continue to provide funds for this organisation to enable them to reach out to affected farming communities

As a responsible Australian business, helping people who have been affected by disasters is really important to us and we seek your support. Please help by donating via our fundraising page.?All donations above $2 are tax deductible.?

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Tom Collins




Tony Schreiber


Lester Kirkwood

Every contribution helps. Great work by our volunteer fire teams. Lets give to those that need to rebuild.


Ken Khatib

We're all in this together. Devastating time for our beautiful country, but together we will overcome this.


Tegan Whitford


Tisha Aggarwal