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Judy Slatyer

Red Cross Calling

Thanks everyone. We made it

Hi Everyone. With a day and a half to go you have raised $7,000 for Red Cross by supporting me to wear skirts and dresses for a whole month. I just topped up the last $200.

It is just in time as I’m about to go for my last walk in a skirt and it is getting nippy as the weather turns. And I have to say generally that stockings really aren’t for me; too easy to poke holes in and it really isn’t the glamour-look when you have to hoick them up continuously.

Last week was a typical varied week for me as we pursue our aspirations - discussions on how to support asylum seekers better as the environment in Oz gets yet more challenging for them; the launch of our nationwide initiative with Oaktree for youth to take the action and build the communities they want; how to fund Humanitech (our version of Fintec but about bringing technology and humanity together for good); how to automate, streamline and simplify our operations to get more funds into humanitarian work; our June campaign which will be all about the value of connected individuals & communities - Valued, Admired, Strong, Needed; and 1 on 1s with the amazing exec team members at Red Cross. While also farewelling 70 of our amazing staff who have been supporting asylum seekers over the past few years but, due to external changes, won’t be any more.

I am constantly reminded how amazing the people are at Red Cross and by what they do every day. And what an inspiring place it is to work. I’m a lucky person.

Thanks for all your support and your contributions - the funds will go to good uses.

You know, I might just wear skirts and dresses a bit more - while not so good for some things, they can be a bit of fun and with the right skirt you can do a twirl and feel like you’re in the Sound of Music (although skirts are not good for skipping in). And I did enjoy reading ‘How to Climb Mont Blanc in a Skirt’.

Thanks heaps. Jude



Hello everyone.

Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to my ‘skirt affair’ in support of Red Cross. Together you have contributed an amazing $6,040.

I have been diligently wearing skirts everywhere except when I’m on my bike or in pilates! As it got colder this week I was reminded of the hassles of stockings - on the first day wearing them I had created a hole and a ladder right up my leg by 10.00 am. Mutter, mutter, mutter. Wearing skirts and dresses does change lots of little things for me so I am looking forward to going back to jeans and trousers!

But with one week to go I thought I would ask one more time to see if any more of you are interested in contributing to the work we do at Red Cross. Any contributions would be gratefully received

How to Climb Mont Blanc in a Skirt - A Handbook for the Lady Adenturer

I’ve been wearing skirts or dresses for over a week. And having a bit of fun doing it. I was reminded of a great book my brother bought me - “How to Climb Mont Blanc in a Skirt - A Handbook for the Lady Adventurer”. I have felt a bit of a ‘lady’ this past week. Anyway, its a great read and I recommend it. It’s all about amazing stories of adventure by women.

In the meantime to those who have funded my four week skirt adventure thank you. For those who might wish to here’s the link -

“Few such moments of exhilaration can come as that which stands at the threshold of wild travel. — Gertrude Bell, Twentieth-Century Desert Explorer.

Cheers. Judy

HUGE thanks for my very generous anonymous sponsor who donated $5,000. Amazing

Last of the wardrobe that fits so I’m off to the Red Cross shop tomorrow to boost my supply. This is fun.

Today’s skirt. In the right skirt I can twirl as well as skip as I walk along. That’s a benefit.

Day 5 realization - it’s tricky to get a good stride up in a narrow skirt and it gets a bit nippy when the temperature is only 21-22 degrees.

Day 4 realization - My old corporate stuff doesn’t fit any more. Bummer. I’ll have to come up with an alternative supply of skirts and dressess

Day 3 realization - housework and skirts don’t really mix but its nice to have the cool breeze around my legs

Day 2 realization - its easy to expose bits that are best left unseen when you’re in a skirt; suddenly I’m becoming more ‘ladylike’

Day 1 realization - skirts and windy days don’t mix

Red Cross called, and I answered.

Hi all.  For those of you who know me well you know that I’m not a skirts and dresses kinda gal. So I reckon if I commit to wear skirts and dresses for the whole month of March including on the weekends you might just see that as enough of a challenge to fund me to do it. I’ll have to dust off some of my old corporate gear (hopefully it still fits) and pay a visit to the op shop. The funds I raise will go to Red Cross.  What do you think?  I’ve set a target of $1,000.  Will you fund me to do this?  Jude

Thank you to my Sponsors



I knew there was a pair of legs under there somewhere!


Christine Armour

You just need the right type of skirt Jude.


Judy Slatyer

Made it!


Peter Dean

luv ya


Peter Shore

Great stuff


Marcia Marsh

Go Jude


James Birch

Well done Judy


Mary Howell

Go Jude! I'm proud of u!


Ross Pinney

Best wishes for a different month!


Rae Palmer

Go girl you are amazing ,maybe you could get frocked up once a week for fun .


Joan Webster

OK, you met the challenge so i will keep my side of the bargain!


Ron Brent

Good on you, Jude!!


Beth Slatyer

Amazing Red Cross - how lucky we are to have them! Thanks for all that you do. Now I'm off to do my door knocking (only problem is that half my neighbourhood are regular donors already!)


Chezza X

On ya, Jude!


Ian Posthumus

Ok Jude, I know you can do this... I think you will smash $1000!


Mick Yemm

Never thought much about it until now, but I don't think I've ever seen you in a skirt! Have to get Pete in a skirt next!


Kate O'callaghan

Amazing cause that's close to my heart! Well Judy!! X K



Great work Jude... loving the skirt on you!


Brenda Chang

Great challenge Jude!


Sarah Jones

Looking fabulous!