Disaster response and recovery

Helping those affected by the 19/20 Australian Bush Fires

It?s a Freshworks Family?

With our first customer out of Australia, Freshworks has had a special relationship with the region since the beginning..

The bush fires will have a long standing effect on those affected, including our land and animals. It is after the fires have ceased that we will see those affected trying to pick themselves up and carry on. At this moment we want them to know that there is a local community that cares and that help is just around the corner.?

As the bushfires hit the country, we wanted to contribute in a meaningful way and raise awareness. From this we have decided to?

  • donate $50 for every roadshow event attendee instead of spending money towards marketing giveaways
  • Match external donations

We will keep this donation campaign until 30 March, then we will make the final company contribution to match donations made to this page.

Please keep an eye out for our Freshworks Koalas, they will be exchanged for donations!


Thank you to my Sponsors




Maria Mughal