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Di Buckles

Red Cross Calling


THANK YOU innocentsmilewinklaughingkisswinkcool

Day 31 ... YEAH THIS IS IT .. a bit of bling to go out on

Day 31... last day.. Thanks to all my amazing have been such wonderful contributors, and will assist Red Cross support vulnerable people...YOU ARE SUCH LEGENDS innocent

Day 30. 1 day to go

Only 1 day to go.   What a long month tongue-out

Day 29 - Melbourne ‘flats’ .. blisters and all with 2 days to go

Nearly there...


Its been an amazing ‘month without heels’, and as the Challenge reaches its final days, I just wanted to extend another BIG THANK YOU for your support and generous donations...wink

Day 28 - ‘Flats on the move’ In Melbourne

Melbourne ‘flats’

Evening 27 - Farewell Reception for Her Excellency the Governor of WA in FLATS :-(

Formal event in flats ... grrrr... however it was a delightful evening acknowledging and farewelling our Australian Red Cross WA Patron Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AC

Day 27

Only 4 days to go ... wink

Day 26 - Di attending the Moore Region Rally .. another $100.00 from this dedicated group of Red Cross people

What a wonderful welcome I was extended at the Moore Regional Rally held in Gingin this morning...such lovely hospitality and to also be presented with a $100.00 donation from the group was just amazing... thank you ladies laughing

Day 25 - less than a week to go

Day 25 - reached the $7,000.00 target with only 6 days to go wink

Day 24

Nearly there sealed

Day 23

23 days of flats...what a “feet”....

Day 22 - nearly there

Anotherfoot-in-mouth day in flats 

Cannot be convinced ‘Heels are on their way out!

Not even this link and the thought of being ‘in fashion’ can convince me to ditch my heels for flats.... the pic actually ‘sealed the deal’ that Heels will stay laughing  ...

Day 21 - generous donations are still coming through !

Cant believe donations are still coming... THANK YOU ALL for your great support and generous donations to Red Cross innocent

Day 20

Another day, another pair of flats 

Day 19


Day 18

Day 19 foot-in-mouth

Day 17 - had to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in ‘’flats’


Live, Laugh, Love Your Shoes


Day 16

Just another ‘flat’ daysurprised

Day 15

Day 15 - 1/2 way through the challenge surprised

Day 14

Day 14 ... the flat shoes are certainly making me 'dress down' ?

Day 13

Glad Red Cross Calling is held in March when it is autumn, as ‘flat sandals’ are the way to go....especially when it was 38 degrees in Perth today sealed  

Day 12

Another day of flats undecided  All in a good cause though laughing

Day 11 - yet another pair of flats

Flat foot horror.   Oh for a pair of heels frown

Day 10

1/3 of the way through... legs are tracking ok cool

Day 9 - a Red Cross ‘Flower Committee’ Unit fundraiser

A casual day of raising funds for Red Cross.   A casual look as our unit gets together raising funds for Red Cross at a card day smile

Day 8

Day 8 - ‘A Pearl Day’smile


THANKS TO THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN SO GENEROUSLY IN SUPPORT OF MY ‘Month Without Heels’ CHALLENGE, AND HELPING RAISE MUCH NEEDED FUNDS FOR RED CROSS....WHAT A ‘FEET’.. wink  Day 7 = $1,172.00 .. Your support is very much appreciated...YOU have made a difference laughing

Day 7 - 1 week down 3 to go

Wearing ‘Flat shoes’ again at meetings in Melbourne.... what a ‘feet’ that is surprised

Day 6

In Melbourne at Red Cross Meetings.....what a lovely surprise when the SADAB Chair purchases flat shoes for my Red Cross ‘Month Without Heels’ Fundraising Challenge ... what a gemlaughing

Day 5 - updated image

Another pic of Day 5 flats.. didn’t realise the image had been cropped 

Day 5 Perth/Melbourne

Flying to Melbourne for flats sealed

Day 4

Another ‘flat’ day’ smile

Day 3

Day 3 and still coping well wink

Day 2

Thanks to friends who purchased some shoes for me to wear.... innocent

Day 1

Di and flats sealed

Day 1 of my ‘Month Without Heels’

My first pair of flat shoes especially purchased for Charles (NT Divisional Advisory Board Chair) who will sponsor me if wore a pair of thongs ... tongue-out

Raring to go for Red Cross Calling ... the countdown is on....

Shoes in place and ready to start the ‘month without heels’ challenge to raise funds for Australian Red Cross.surprised

Red Cross called, and I answered.

When Red Cross calls, Australia answers. Every year, Red Cross Calling brings people together to support those in our community and further afield who have fallen on tough times. This March, I’ll be answering the call and getting involved in Red Cross Calling to raise funds to help people overcome crisis across Australia and overseas.

My Red Cross Calling Challenge is to 'go without heels for a month', and for those that know me, you will understand that this is not an easy 'feet'...

I have been 'In Training' for a month now wearing flat shoes, so hoping the feet and legs can handle the Challenge?

Hope you will support me to raise funds through this challenge.

Thank you to my Sponsors



No "Italian slappers" for you this month!!!


John Hood

The amount may look odd but that brings you to exactly $7000. Well dane and all the best. John Hood



Good on you Di, very exciting! Ross


Sue Vardon

Congratulations on your great feet Di. Sue


Borka Buseska

well done on this event. I hope you exceed you target


Kerry Mcgrath

Adore the new flats Di


Sam Hardjono


Jan West


Noel Clement

Go Di!


Kerry And Steve Nash

As always you are out there supporting people in need. You are a legend Di Buckles. xxxxxxx


Penny Harrison

Love the pearls Di!


Moore Region Members

From the members of the Moore Region.



Go Di. Love the photos. Jude


Anne Macarthur

Congratulations Di, I know how hard this will be for you and I am full of admiration!!!


James Birch


Lyndal Herbert

Looking fabulous Di!!!


Jeni Mcdonough

Good luck with the flat shoes challenge Di, here is our donation as pledged at the Council meeting last year. Jen and Phil x


Kathryn Sharpe

$1 a day for your efforts Di! Well done :)


Linda Crumlin

Good on ya Di 😄😄😄


Simone Clarke

Now I understand. I am sponsoring you 50 cents a day 😁


Helen Clarkson

Looking good in thongs well done