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Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes Appeal

Let’s ensure that the people of Syria and Türkiye receive lifesaving support

I'm fundraising for Red Cross Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes Appeal by holding a special Good Friday Radio Broadcast on FOTW Radio.

I will be playing a special show of Turkish and Syrian songs, including the music of Altin Gün, Omar Souleyman, Santi &Tuğçe and Grup Pan, alongside our usual programming of Japanese pop songs (like ARASHI, King & Prince and Tomohisa Yamashita), Italo disco and 80s classics.

Some of this music is really inspiring and has cheered me up during dark times, and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to share it with my listeners and raise some money for Red Cross at the same time.

The money raised will help Red Cross Red Crescent teams provide immediate and longer-term relief to communities affected by the earthquakes.

I am broadcasting from Sydney, but I also have many listeners in Japan, so I am listing both our timezones, as well as Turkish and Syrian timezones:

• Sydney 5-7 pm

• Japan 4-6 pm

• Turkey/Syria 10am -12 pm

Please help me by donating to our fundraising page.

And you can listen to the show through the website 🎧

Thank you,

IJ Wilson






当日は、通常プログラムであるJ-Pop(嵐、King & Prince、山下智久など)やイタロ・ディスコ、80年代の名曲だけでなく、アルトゥン・ギュン、オマール・スレイマン、サンティ&トゥーチェ、グルーポ・パンといったトルコやシリアのアーティストの歌を流す特別番組を放送します。







・シドニー 17:00-19:00

・日本   16:00-18:00

・トルコ/シリア 10:00-12:00






IJ Wilson


Thank you to my Sponsors



Great initiative FOTW Radio. Thank you!



I'm happy to always listen to King & Prince's songs. "Love and gratitude" is what they always keep in mind. I also want to learn from them.


Ij Wilson

Thanks Red Cross for all the good work you do! You have a good reputation all around the world.



何時も沢山の音楽とkingandPrinceを応援して頂き有難うございます♡今日の企画を心から歓迎すると共に支援に協力させて頂きます♡又私なりに支援及び呼び掛けをして行きたいと思ってます。今日の放送、楽しみです…Thank you for alway…♪♡



I hope this will be some help to the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria. Thank you very much for always playing Tomohisa Yamashita’s songs and wonderful songs.


Yuko Ashida

With a big thanks for always playing so many Arashi and Tangerine Dream songs!



Thank you very much for always playing Tomohisa Yamashita's songs and great music. I welcomed today's project from the bottom of my heart.


Heidi H

Well done Ian. All the best to Turkish people to rebuild their home!



I greatly agree with the message contained in today's program, the idea that music will be a bridge to connect the world and help each other. I sincerely hope that many people who suffer from natural disasters will have peace of mind.


Japanese Arashi Fan




ARASHI's music contains a lot of warm messages. I pray that their songs will reach the hearts of everyone affected by the disaster and become the light of tomorrow.


A Arashi Fan

I wish the people affected by the disaster in Turkey and Syria a speedy recovery. Thank you FOTW RADIO for giving me this opportunity.



Thank you for the wonderful time every day. I'm very happy to hear King & Prince's music on the radio! I pray that as many people as possible will be happy!


Lorraine Kerr



Thank you as always!