International Disaster Fund

The International Disaster Fund enables Australian Red Cross and our partners to help people overseas in the event of a disaster or crisis. 

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The funds you raise towards our International Disaster Fund will enable Red Cross teams to help people overseas prepare for a crisis, have emergency response teams in places hit hard by disasters and conflict and to support people affected by crises to recover safely and with dignity. 
If you wish to set up a fundraising page for the Global Hunger Crisis Appeal or the Sudan Crisis Appeal, please indicate this at registration.

Trained emergency response teams
in places hit hard by disasters

Prepare overseas communities
in disaster-prone regions

Support people overseas to recover
from disasters with dignity

How your donations help...


can provide two 10-litre jerry cans to help a family store and transport safe drinking water


can protect a family of five from mosquito-borne diseases by providing two mosquito nets


can provide a shelter repair toolkit to help families make basic repairs to damaged homes


can provide a shelter kit with tarpaulins, ropes and tools to help people put a temporary roof over their head