Sewing project


Support young mums and babies

You did it!

We’re so excited to announce that our fundraising target has been reached. Thank you to everyone who generously donated and spread the word. Your support will make a world of difference to the mums and babies of Galiwin’ku.

The fundraiser has now closed.

Keep an eye out for an update from Nancy and the Baby Hub crew very soon!

Help send sewing machines to the remote Aboriginal community of Galiwin’ku

Stitched together by Yolngu Elders, the Sewing Project is an idea to pass on skills and strength from generation to generation at Baby Hub, a maternal and baby wellbeing centre in Galiwin’ku, East Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory.

Young mums will be able to come together and learn how to sew, building lasting friendships, as well as picking up new skills. They’ll learn to sew beautiful clothing for their babies, and connect with Baby Hub’s health check-ups, nutrition classes, playgroup and parenting classes.

$15,000 will buy sewing machines, fabric, scissors, tape measures, needles and thread to set up and run a small sewing centre for at least a year.

Your donations will be used for: 

Cotton reels and needle sets

The tools needed to start sewing. 

Fabric and patterns

Bolts of fabric for baby clothes and clothes for the family. 

Eight sewing machines 

The equipment to make it all happen!  

Maintenance and replacement parts  

Because everything breaks down sometimes we will need some replacement parts handy. 

Where is Galiwin’ku?

Galiwin’ku is a vibrant community, on Elcho Island in East Arnhem Land. The population changes during the seasons, but approximately 2,200 Yolngu call Galiwin’ku home and together speak up to 22 different language dialects. There’s a daily flight to Darwin, 550km away, that takes about two hours. The drive is long, so freight has to arrive by barge. 

A small project, bringing new knowledge

"This project is a small wind, bringing new knowledge to grow... Our strength is passed from generation to generation. The Baby Hub Sewing Project is a small project. But it is a seed to open eyes. Mothers can come to this place and learn to sew. They can build new skills and feel proud to make clothes for their yothu (baby).” 

Nancy Gondarra, Baby Hub Community Development Officer 

When you chip in, Nancy and the Baby Hub crew will keep you in the loop.

From the excitement of the delivery of the sewing machines, to the first pieces sewn with love:  if we can raise these funds, you'll receive updates from the Baby Hub team over the coming months. Let's make this happen so Nancy and the Baby Hub team can get this wonderful program up and running! 

Donor FAQS

Baby Hub. What is it?

Set up like a home, Baby Hub is a quiet wellbeing centre where all young Yolngu mums can share, relax and grow.

Also welcome are dads, grandparents and carers. Baby Hub rose out of the Healthy Baby Healthy Community Program to target the community needs around malnutrition in early childhood. These days Baby Hub is so much more. Baby Hub runs baby health check-ups, baby nutrition and cooking classes, playgroup and parenting classes to help mums and babies stay strong and healthy. The improved health of children on Galiwin’ku is in part thanks to the work of Baby Hub.

Galiwin’ku? Tell me more

Galiwin’ku is on Elcho Island in East Arnhem Land. The community is laced on one side by mangroves teaming with local food - mud crab and barramundi – and a reef on the other side, where oysters, crayfish, and turtles live in turquoise blue waters.

There’s tropical rainforests, tidal creeks and cliffs with brightly coloured ochre rocks. That’s where body paint for ceremonies and art works comes from.

Galiwin’ku prides itself on its maintenance of cultural values. Popular Market Days held on the Church lawns every Friday could even be a place for the mums to sell their baby clothes in the future.

Red Cross and Baby Hub

Baby Hub is run as a partnership between Miwati Health, the local Aboriginal Health Service, and Australian Red Cross.

The team is Leandra Natani, an Aboriginal Health Worker and Veronica Gondarra, Aboriginal Community Worker. Miwatj employs both. Then there is the amazing Nancy Gondarra who you met in the video. Nancy is a Community Development Officer. Red Cross employs Nancy, Jenanne Yirrtharama, a Community Worker and Raisa Brozalevskaia, Senior Community Development Worker.

Stitch a difference – how your money helps

Your money will sew seeds of strength!

$15,000 will set up a Sewing Centre at Galiwin’ku’s Baby Hub centre. All money raised will go towards equipment, materials, shipping and repair.

The centre plans to buy eight sewing machines and spend the rest of the money raised on bolts of fabric, patterns, thread, scissors, needles, thimbles, cotton and sewing machine replacement parts. Shipping to Galiwin’ku will cost a bit too. The amazing women at Baby Hub will run the sewing lessons.

If we raise more than $15,000, extra funds will go to support other similar initiatives.

Why a Sewing Project?

Sewing together weaves relationships. New skills build confidence and pride. And machines stitch beautiful handmade clothes for babies to wear. At the same time, mums connect with Baby Hub’s health check-ups, baby nutrition classes, playgroup and parenting classes, which help mums and bubs grow strong and healthy.

As Community Support Worker Nancy says the ‘sewing program is a small project but it is a seed to open eyes’. Growing out of the mums and bubs are strong families and a stronger communities.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, all donations over $2 to the Baby Hub Sewing Project are tax deductible.

Will I see how my money is spent?

Absolutely! When you join us, you’ll be an important part of the Sewing Project. We’ll email to let you know when we reach significant milestones, like half way to our fundraising goal, or when we buy the first sewing machines. When we get photos from Baby Hub, we’ll send them on so you can share the joy and excitement.